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I’ve been taking a fascinating online course through MIT and want to share some of the teachings. Otto Scharmer, a colleague of Peter Senge’s has posted some of the course content on YouTube and this link to Levels of Listening is about 8 minutes long.

In the video he speaks of the most important tool for leaders today, not vision, not charisma, but listening.

Here is an excerpt of Otto’s thoughts from the video and an associated chart;

“Whenever I see leadership failures– and these days we have many occasions to do that– very often at the source of leadership failure is what? It’s lack of listening, it’s lack of connecting with what’s really going on in reality right now. It’s a disconnection between leaders on the one hand and the situation on the ground on the other. So listening really is a core skill, not only for leadership, but really for all domains of mastery, professional mastery. So we all practice listening 16 plus hours a day, so it’s not something that we only engage with every now and then. And it is as important for our professional life as it is for our personal life. So I observed listening for many years. And I came up with a very simple distinction, which is four different levels of listening.”

This ties in well with his Levels of Conversation which I’ve previously shared on LinkedIn. Where are our conversations headed if we are all listening at the “Downloading” level just to verify what we already know or assume? How can an open mind change our perspective of the situation? At the Factual Listening Level we strive to listen for data that doesn’t fit our existing theories and assumptions. What can we learn about the other party and ourselves through this practice? Level 3 – Empathic Listening gives us an emotional connection to the speaker and allows us to see the situation from another’s point of view. Level 4 – Generative Listening enables us to listen at a level that changes us. It creates a shift in the direction of who we want to be and a different level of energy is produced.

How would our organizations be impacted if employees were able to shift from a downloading type listening to a deeper level of generative listening?

The Workplace Fairness Institute works to support organizations to shift their listening and conversing to a different level to generate real results.

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