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Marjorie Munroe is a Chartered Mediator, Ombudsman and Workplace Fairness Analyst specializing in workplace conflict resolution and assessment.

Marjorie has worked with government clients, small and medium business, facilitating and mediating to improve working relationships and assess workplace conflict management systems. Her extensive experience includes facilitating groups of up to 70 people to improve communication and build trust in challenging working environments.

As a mediator, Marjorie uses an interest-based facilitative process to coach and support participants to feel heard, understood, and acknowledged. Her mediation practice has also been heavily influenced by the principles of Appreciative Inquiry: asking positive questions for positive change, and holding parties capable to resolve their own circumstances.

Learning and Development. As a certified training and development professional, Marjorie has extensive experience developing and facilitating training programs for a wide range of clients including the PULSE Institute, Mediation Training International, the Appropriate Dispute Resolution Institute of AlbertaMount Royal University Continuing Studies and the Government of Alberta Learning Centre.


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Memberships and Certifications

C.Med (2010)  Chartered Mediator

CTP (2013) Certified Training Practitioner
Board Member (Director of Certification, Calgary chapter)

Workplace Fairness Analyst (2010)

The FCO/Osgoode Certificate of Ombuds (2013)

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