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“Appreciative Inquiry suggests that human organizing and change, at its best, is a relationship process of inquiry, grounded in affirmation and appreciation.”

Diana Whitney, Amanda Trosten-Bloom 
The Power of Appreciative Inquiry, Berrett-Koehler 2003

Workplace Mediation Calms Conflict, Derek Sankey, Calgary Herald, 02.03.2013.
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Addressing the Gap Between Mental Health and Workplace Fairness Policy and Process
Marjorie Munroe, Morgan Craig Broadwith, Shelly Ptolemy
HUMANCapital Magazine, Winter 2013
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A Workplace Fairness Assessment at Vista Projects: Purpose, Process, Results
Network Magazine, Fall 2012
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Principals: Faces of Change
Nancy Love, Mel Blitzer, Marjorie Munroe
PIINC, 2010
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