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Our associates are conflict resolution professionals with strong coaching, mediation, facilitation and training skills.  They support Workplace Fairness West in providing services across Western Canada to ensure all employees experience psychological health and safety in their workplace.

Gary Armstrong

Gary supports organizations utilizing his skills in the area of training, facilitation and conflict resolution.  With a Masters of Arts (Leadership) and a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching from Royal Roads University, a Diploma in Adult Education from St Francis Xavier University, a Diploma in Criminal Justice from Mount Royal College, a Certificate in Conflict Resolution and Mediation from Mount Royal College, and a Certificate in Business Management from the University of Calgary, Gary knows and understands the conflicts of Leadership.

Gary is an Employee Development Specialist. As a practitioner, educator and group facilitator, while employed in the public, not for profit and private sectors Gary has lead learning in most aspects of Interpersonal Communication. Most specifically in; Leadership, Negotiation, Conflict Resolution, Influence, Ethics, Crisis Intervention, Building Respectful Workplaces, Supervision and Addressing Workplace Bullying.  Gary currently facilitates learning for SAIT Polytechnic business clients in Interest Based Negotiation Skills, Conflict Resolution and Team Building.

Gary adds to this several years of experience as mediator for the Alberta Civil Claims branch mediating small claims disputes as well as volunteer experience as a facilitator for the Alberta Board Development Program and board membership for Aspen Family and Community Network.

Josie Stiles

Josie has over 25 years experience promoting organizational effectiveness through collaborative decision-making and integrated processes. She has helped clients in government / unions, regulators and private companies navigate complex issues ranging from public engagement for pipeline projects in the energy sector to internal employment matters related to harassment and discrimination in the workplace.

Josie has implemented respectful workplace programs, conflict management initiatives and taught dozens of conflict management workshops for all levels of employees.

As a recent organizational Ombuds for a multi-national oil and gas company, she provided confidential, neutral, independent coaching and dispute resolution services empowering employees to raise and navigate through challenging organizational dynamics.

She enjoys unlocking sticky impasses by engaging people respectfully and transparently. Her commitment to restorative practices inspires personal accountability with an eye toward the future. Josie believes that hosting candid conversations with a focus on learning, asking questions and sharing concerns will most often lead to insightful breakthroughs and collaborative action planning.

In addition to earning a MA in Conflict Management from Royal Roads University, she has additional training as a facilitator, coach, Ombuds and mediator.

Specialties: Conflict management, Collaboration, Facilitation, Stakeholder Engagement, Coaching, Change management.

Dr. Nancy Love, PhD
Nancy has served as an educator, a coach, a mediator, a facilitator, an intervenor, an advisor, an author and a professional
speaker. Her area of focus is leadership and conflict management in the space between people, workplace relationships and the role that language plays on the journey towards common ground. She has been working to resolve and mitigate conflict in the workplace since 2002 when she founded the PULSE Institute and most recently served as an Advisor to the Centre for Values and Ethics at the Parks Canada Agency. She has also been an associate of the University of the Virgin Islands as author and instructor in the area of conflict resolution and serves on the mediation roster for the Alberta Department of Municipal Affairs.

Nancy’s extensive experience in all kinds of workplaces gives her the perspective needed to quickly evaluate conflict situations and prescribe a course of action. She applies the principles of Appreciative Inquiry and the skills of a mediator along with a strong background with the Enneagram to create valuable restorative experiences for teams and individuals in a wide variety of workplace settings.

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