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“People listen better if they feel that you have understood them…So if you want the other side to appreciate your interests, begin by demonstrating that you appreciate theirs.”

Roger Fisher
Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement without Giving In

Our associates are conflict resolution professionals with strong coaching, mediation, facilitation and training skills.  They support Workplace Fairness West in providing services across Western Canada to ensure all employees experience psychological health and safety in their workplace.

Dr. Nancy Love, PhD

Nancy has served as an educator, a coach, a mediator, a facilitator, an intervenor, an advisor, an author and a professional
speaker. Her area of focus is leadership and conflict management in the space between people, workplace relationships and the role that language plays on the journey towards common ground. She has been working to resolve and mitigate conflict in the workplace since 2002 when she founded the PULSE Institute and most recently served as an Advisor to the Centre for Values and Ethics at a Federal Agency. She has also been an associate of the University of the Virgin Islands as author and instructor in the area of conflict resolution and serves on the mediation roster for the Alberta Department of Municipal Affairs.

Nancy’s extensive experience in all kinds of workplaces gives her the perspective needed to quickly evaluate conflict situations and prescribe a course of action. She applies the principles of Appreciative Inquiry and the skills of a mediator along with a strong background with the Enneagram to create valuable restorative experiences for teams and individuals in a wide variety of workplace settings.

Carolyn Mercier

Carolyn Mercier is a Chartered Mediator and skilled practitioner working in the field of dispute resolution over the last 20 + years. Her work includes mediation and facilitation plus extensive work to expand the field of conflict resolution through coach training, mentorship and instructing, specific to conflict.  She has used her skills in numerous government agencies, the provincial court system, the oil and gas sector, through public consultation forums and in interpersonal settings.

In Carolyn’s words, “people and groups find themselves in disputes somewhat based on the solutions they employ and the conversations they have with themselves and others. Looking at these conversations differently can yield new possibilities. I believe in helping people identify the values that are most important to them and then guiding them to explore solutions that best meet their values and needs”.

Prior to her time as a mediator Carolyn was a registered social worker and counselling professional working in the fields of addictions, mental health, gerontology and education.

Rob Crooks

Rob is an experienced organization effectiveness consultant with working relationships in many industries and sectors including not for profit. Rob’s expertise and focus areas include leadership development, team development and facilitation work, change management and coaching.

His career is built on a foundation of knowledge and experience in workplace wellness, occupational health and safety, disability management and human resources. Rob cares deeply about people and performance. From his childhood experiences with parents working in health care professions to his passion for athletics and outdoor adventures, Rob learned what potential people have when supported with the right environment. Early in Rob’s career, he was influenced by several leaders and mentors who demonstrated care, trust and integrity while achieving excellence in customer service and business results.

Mark Donovan

Mark Donovan is a Chartered Mediator and mediates for the Provincial Court in Calgary and Fort McMurray. Mark is an experienced instructor of communication, mediation and negotiation classes for Mount Royal University and the ADR Institute of Alberta.

He brings his expertise and experience as a coach to support conflict resolution programs and similar courses. His extensive conflict management experience includes private mediations, conflict coaching, and conducting facilitations for various organizations.

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