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We are excited to partner with the Arete an Employee Assistance Program provider who prides themselves on being different. Unlike others, they focus on taking care of people first, and at Arete—they know people like no other.  That’s why Workplace Fairness West supports the great work they do, by providing support for conflict resolution and through offering training to Arete clients.  Being client centered is also important to us and we work hard to support employees and workplaces in need.

Reach out to or 1-877-412-7483 if you are;

  • an individual struggling with a mental health challenge that’s keeping you from being your best self,
  • a leader faced with a tricky or unique legal, financial or human resources situation that has the potential to impact the business you’ve put your heart and soul into,
  • an advisor wanting products that you can be proud to stand behind, or
  • an insurer looking for customized, high-touch options that make a difference to your organization and the many people you support

Feel free to reach out to us at for more information.

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