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Resolving Conflict Within Your Team

Do you have a team that could be working better together?  Are personality conflicts and different communication styles having an impact on team cohesiveness?  Are gossip and rumors impacting productivity?

When trust is low and uncertainty is high the cohesiveness between teams can suffer.  Workplace Fairness West brings a facilitated process to enable teams to come to terms with their situation and develop a plan for working better together.

Rebuilding Relationships /Meeting Facilitation – facilitating team meetings to surface and resolve issues to ensure that teams are working together efficiently and at their highest capacity.

Workplace Restoration – working during and after a workplace investigation or other ingrained conflict to restore a respectful work environment not only for the parties involved but all affected stakeholders. Intense changes such as reintegrating staff after disability leave, layoffs or leadership change can be stressful and have a huge impact on teams. We use a five step model to lead teams in a rebuilding process.

Coaching for Leaders – leaders may be at a loss as to how to address complex and layered conflicts with their teams.  We can share our expertise and support through one-on-one coaching

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