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We have an EAP provider. What can you do for us?

We have identified a very real gap between a rights based approach to addressing a conflict, which may necessitate an investigation and taking punitive measures, and health-based approach to managing conflict which often sees employees go on leave, pressured by the stress of unresolved conflict.

Through coaching and facilitation, Marjorie & Michelle use informal conflict resolution strategies to help employees take steps to improve communication and resolve conflicts.

What is mediation?

Mediation is a facilitated conversation between two parties by an impartial, third-party neutral. There are many different approaches to mediation. Michelle and Marjorie follow an interest-based, facilitative approach. It is an appreciative, value-based dialogue which allows participants to build understanding and develop solutions that meet both their needs.

What is conflict coaching?

A process to confer with individuals experiencing conflict (e.g., interpersonal disputes, concerns about perceived unfair treatment). Assists individuals in identifying and reviewing possible options to empower staff to resolve their own disputes. Coaching helps employees identify their concerns, seek appropriate solutions and gain skills for managing emotions and understanding themselves in conflict. Building insight and awareness is a foundational first step towards positive changes in behaviour.

We have completed a workplace investigation process. What next?

In the fallout from a workplace investigation many in the workplace are impacted, including not only the complainant(s) and respondent(s), but those interviewed, bystanders, witnesses and managers. It is important to develop a strategy which will support all employees to rebuild trust. This could include: individual coaching, facilitated group meetings & training. Contact us and we will support you to design a follow-up restoration process which is right for you.

My difficult employee is coming back from leave. How can I ease the reintegration?

Mediation and coaching with a third party impartial can help to redefine and strengthen working relationships. It is very important to provide employees with support, resources and training for dealing with difficult conversations. Providing the resources for employees to receive confidential coaching from a third party impartial can help them to gain confidence with the skills to address concerns as they come up.

I think I have an employee with a mental health issue. It is impacting the team. What should I do?

Normalizing all workplace conversations about health to include mental health is very important and helps to create a climate where people can speak openly about mental health. Facilitate open and respectful conversations so employees feel safe and comfortable to bring forward their mental health concerns. Make a point of educating all employees about resources which are available to them to support psychological health and safety in the workplace.

I have two employees who say they are being bullied, by each other. What is my recourse?

Accusations of bullying must be taken very seriously. It is best to start with a frank and confidential conversation with all involved so that you can begin to gain clarity on all sides of the story. Ensure that you have a variety of options available for staff to address concerns including Employee Assistance Plan services, an Ombuds hot line for coaching, and an open door with staff to hear complaints. Ensure all staff are aware of their options. An investigation may be warranted if you have reason to believe there has been inappropriate behaviour.

Can you help me write my workplace respect policy?

Yes, we can help you evaluate all of your conflict management options within your organization. Your policy is one important component of a larger set of resources to support the rights and interests of employees. We advise examining the policy within the bigger context of all your resources.

Our performance reviews are creating tension. What can I do?

It is not unusual for employees to experience stress and tension around performance reviews. Supporting them with training to help build skills and resilience to have constructive and proactive dialogue around performance is crucial.  It is important that any difficult conversation with an employee is approached when required and not left until performance review time.

My employer is not treating me fairly. What can I do?

We recommend getting thoroughly informed about your rights, obligations and options through your HR department, union or an employment lawyer.  Once you have done that you will be in a strong position to decide how to approach the situation. It is also important to look after your mental and physical health so that you have the resilience to address the situation and make decisions that are right for you.

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