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Sensitivity or Respectful Workplace Coaching

Do you have an employee struggling with self awareness of behaviours in your workplace?  Has there been a situation where they have disregarded respectful workplace policies or procedures?

The contemporary workplace is very diverse and is becoming more so every day. Leaders need to understand, be sensitive to, and be able to adapt to the various needs, concerns, and characteristics of a multitude of different people. Coaching can help leaders and others to personally cultivate appropriate interpersonal relationships with all employees and build awareness of how behaviours can impact others.

Organizations strive to provide a respectful, inclusive workplace that values the diversity of all their employees.  They understand their obligations as an employer and their risk when employees’ behaviours fall outside of the company’s policies and procedures.   We are available to support if your organization is seeking one-on-one services to help an employee to:

  • Communicate effectively and understand their responsibility to create and promote a respectful, professional, and comfortable work environment;
  • Understand the factors that drive their behavior;
  • Cultivate personal respect for differences.

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