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Exit Interviews

When people are leaving an organization in ever-increasing numbers, figuring out why is crucial. And the most useful tool for doing so is one that too few leaders pay attention to: exit interviews.

A successful exit interview can provide valuable feedback on why employees leave and how the organization needs to change. It can highlight hidden challenges and opportunities, and generate essential competitive intelligence. Many departing employees can turn into corporate ambassadors because they recognize the company cares and the process allows them to feel heard and acknowledged.

A face-to-face or a telephone interview performed by an independent, neutral third party can provide your organization with valuable information.  We can consolidate the data and report back to senior decision makers while maintaining confidentiality and anonymity. This process can uncover issues with HR, gain insight into leadership effectiveness, determine how competitive your organization is in comparison to other employers and understand employees perceptions.

Don’t ignore the strategic value of exit interviews.  Curious to learn more – call us at 403-243-0147  or email


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