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Workplace Fairness West believes in psychological health and safety for every employee.  Our conflict resolution professionals have strong training in areas of  facilitation, coaching, mediating, and providing Ombuds services.  We support  organizations to enhance and build strong conflict management systems that involve and engage employees.  Workplace Fairness West works in conjunction with Blaine Donais, President and Founder of the Workplace Fairness Institute.

Is your company ready to address the serious issues of harassment and bullying? The Calgary Consortium for Civility, Respect, and Dignity at Work is a group of professionals who provide a wide range of services in this area. Together, we have developed a model of service interventions that will address the requirements of Alberta’s Bill 30 and the House Government Bill C-65 to assist organizations to develop a culture of civility and respect.  Psychological health and safety is becoming a paramount concern and organizations are acting to mitigate their risk in this area.  We can support your organization and your employees to tackle this difficult issue.

In the News:

Metro Calgary News Article – : Alberta Companies Need to Get Ready for Workplace Bullying Legislation

From the WorkPlace Fairness Newsletter

The Gifts of Conflict

Being involved in conflict situations provides each of us with profound opportunities to grow and learn.  Sometimes this or other…

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Workplace Mediation & Being Proactive With Workplace Conflict

Are interpersonal conflicts between your employees causing you stress and impacting productivity?  Have your continuous efforts to manage this situation been unsuccessful?

Interpersonal conflicts occur in every workplace. Organizations that have systems in place to address conflict are proactive, supporting employees to make good decisions about next steps in managing and resolving conflict.

Through assessment, mediation and coaching Workplace Fairness West works with organizations of all types to ensure sound management of interpersonal employee conflict to strengthen working relationships and enhance productivity. Employers who choose the appropriate path for resolving difficult situations save time and money and can ease stress ensure productive and efficient workplaces in the workplace.

Learn more about how we can help with workplace conflict by clicking here.

We have been very busy supporting organizations to improve psychological health and safety.  Training focusing on communication, conflict, change and respectful workplaces is paramount. We are currently supporting a team in a municipality, through facilitation and coaching, to restore harmony after a difficult workplace situation. We are providing on-going support to a non-profit to provide systems to ensure a safe, independent, and proactive avenue for resolving complaints and conflict.

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