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About Workplace Bullying and Harassment

Workplace bullying and harassment is prevalent in the workplace. Workplace Fairness West works with employees and management to assess situations and determine an appropriate mitigative course of action. Supporting employees to define bullying and harassment and seek resources can have a huge impact on outcomes.

The role of mediation in bullying and harassment issues.  When parties feel safe and are ready to move on to improved working relationships, mediation can play an important role. The role of the mediator is to create a safe space and to ensure that any power imbalance is addressed so that the source and target can relate on an even playing field. Following harassment and bullying incidents, parties have no trust. If they are willing to place their trust into a mediated process, and enter it voluntarily and openly, it can be very successful. Mediation should not be used when there is high psychological or physical risk.

The role of coaching in bullying and harassment issues. Individual confidential coaching plays an important role with helping both the target and the source recognize the unintended impact of actions, both on each other and on the organization. Coaching can help individuals build confidence and reach difficult decisions for moving forward.

The role of the Ombuds Office in bullying and harassment issues. The Ombuds Office is a resource to help employees identify options for managing bullying behaviours. In a safe, confidential and informal space, they can talk through the consequences and possibilities for bringing forward a formal complaint, seeking support from HR, EAP, the union and/or management.

The role of workplace respect training in bullying and harassment issues. There is tremendous value and benefit facilitating team and organizational discussion around workplace respect. Teams that contribute meaningfully to a workplace respect policy and it’s outcomes and benefits will be more committed to that policy. A team respect conversation is best held when there is not a pressing bullying and harassment issue. It is a preventative measure.

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