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The Mental Health Commission of Canada has championed new Psychological Health and Safety Standards to provide a guideline for organizations who want to build healthy workplaces.  The standards are comprised of 13 Psycho-social Factors that are important for organizations to focus on:

  • Psychological Support (1)
  • Organizational Culture (2)
  • Clear Leadership & Expectations (3)
  • Civility & Respect (4)
  • Psychological Competencies & Requirements (5)
  • Growth & Development (6)
  • Recognition & Reward (7)
  • Involvement & Influence (8)
  • Workload Management (9)
  • Engagement (10)
  • Balance (11)
  • Psychological Protection (12)
  • Protection of Physical Safety (13)

Workplace Fairness West is working with organizations to implement the standards and foster the 13 Psycho-social factors.  With the media full of talk about toxic workplaces, Workplace Fairness West applies appreciative inquiry techniques to shift the conversation to what could be.  Let’s work together to get the conversation started in your organization.

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Other ways we can help:

Address Bullying & Harassment
Lead Teams in Conflict
Learning & Development
The Workplace Fairness Ombuds Office

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