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“I have come to the conclusion that the greatest obstacle to getting what we really want in life is not the other party, as difficult as he or she can be. The biggest obstacle is actually ourselves.”

William Ury

Where is the Truth in Conflict? – IPM (Institute of Professional Management) Spring 2020 Volume 18, No. 2, 02.01.2020.  Michelle Phaneuf

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Promote Mental Well-Being with a Psychologically Safe & Healthy Workplace – CPHR (Chartered Professionals in Human Resources) Alberta Spring 2020 Magazine, 03.01.2020.  Michelle Phaneuf

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Preventing BAHD Behaviours in Your Workplace –  National Golf Course Owners Association Canada –  Golf Business Canada Magazine, Fall 2019 09.01.2019.  Michelle Phaneuf & Brad Blaisdell (Respect Group)

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A Vision for 2018 Workplaces, Chartered Professionals in Human Resources Alberta – CPHR Alberta Summer 2018 Magazine, 06.01.2018.  Michelle Phaneuf

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Alberta Companies Need to Get Ready for Workplace Bullying Legislation, Elizabeth Cameron  Metro Calgary News 02.01.2018

Workplace Mediation Calms Conflict, Derek Sankey, Calgary Herald, 02.03.2013.
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A Workplace Fairness Assessment at Vista Projects: Purpose, Process, Results
Network Magazine, Fall 2012
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Blaine Donais:

Workplaces That Work

Engaging Unionized Employees

The Art and Science of Workplace Mediation

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