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Are you concerned about a recent workplace incident or complaint?  Workplace Investigations are an important part of a formal or rights based process.  Employers are responsible for ensuring that the work environment is psychologically safe and free from discrimination and harassment.  Employers have the responsibility to promptly investigate an allegation in accordance with Alberta’s Bill 30.  When a complaint is raised, the onus is on the employer to ensure that a fair investigation is conducted.

Workplace Fairness West knows that investigations are needed and works with professionals to provide these services.  We also know that the result of an investigation can impact psychological health and safety for complainants, respondents and others.  Workplace Restoration is often required to re-establish harmonious working relationships among individuals involved and within the team, group or unit impacted.  You can read more about Workplace Restoration through the Chartered Professionals in Human Resources magazine article here or listen to Michelle share her thoughts on the HR ShopTalk podcast here.

By taking proactive yet prudent steps now, and throughout the investigation/resolution process, you will be more equipped to deal with your employees’ psychological health and safety and minimize the negative impact on all stakeholders. Early engagement in the restoration of a healthy workplace is an important responsibility of management and ultimately supports the business lines and operational requirements of any organization.

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