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Monthly we host a luncheon to discuss a variety of topics of interest to people in organizations. We welcome all interested employers, employees, HR professionals, team leaders, business leaders, project managers, change managers, coaches and others to join us at The Living Room.

Our topics focus on areas of diversity & inclusion, employee engagement, well-managed change, building working relationships, and health and wellness.

The Workplace Fairness Luncheon is an opportunity for workplace participants to gather, listen to thought leaders and have a dialogue around issues pertaining to fairness in the workplace.  This includes, but is not limited to; diversity and inclusion, building working relationships, managing change, improving health and wellness, and enhancing employee engagement.

Previous Speakers Include

Here is our line-up from 2015/2016 along with a summary of each:

May 2016: Steven Brandt, Door Training: Lion up for Accountability – There is no Wizard

April 2016: David Savage, Savage Management: Embrace Your Enemies and Collaborate.

March 2016: Wilma Slenders, Transcend Management Advisors: Hunkering Down & Cutting Back – Where is the fairness?

February 2016: Wendy Giuffre and Marilynn Balfour of Wendy Ellen Inc: The impacts of workplace bullying run deep and wide

January 2016: June Read, Pacific Western Transportation: Mentoring for Leadership

November 2015: Len Nanjad, CORE International Inc.: Organizational Effectiveness – Levels & Layers

October 2015: Marc Lavoie, On Purpose TrainingGive up Judgment; Dump the need for revenge; and Get Curious


Other past Luncheon Speakers:

Gervais Goodman, Goodman, McDougall and Assoc.: Strategic Planning with AI – SOAR

Jo-Ann Pawliw Stress and Performance Coach – Recognizing Stress

David Cory, EITC: An Emotionally Intelligence Workplace Is…

Nathalie Feuiltault: Co-Construction Brings Rewards in the Workplace

Glenna Cross – Cross Wise Communications: HR and Business Communications can learn from each other

Dr. Nancy Love, The Pulse Institute – Enhancing Workplace Fairness through Appreciative Inquiry (AI).

Joanne McCusker – Calfrac Well Services – Effective Ability Management

Tracy Harris– ATB – Workplace 2.0 – Workplace Flexibility

Dr. Denise Chenger– Mount Royal Faculty – How do executives make decisions?

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