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Workplace Fairness Training

  • June 1, 2013

This one-day course is directed at HR and conflict resolution professionals and focuses on students analyzing the following: Workplace culture identification Sources of…

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Transparency & Conflict

  • May 1, 2013

We hear much about transparency in government and in business, but personal transparency is a cornerstone in communication.  Why do so many people…

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The Victim in Conflict

  • April 1, 2013

My work in conflict coaching can often focus on the opportunity to bring awareness to the “I’m the victim here” mentality.  When we…

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Workplace Fairness Champions

  • March 1, 2013

We have established a working group designed to support professionals through facilitated conversation and coaching to design and implement a Workplace Fairness plan.…

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Embracing Conflict

  • December 1, 2012

I recently submitted an article to the Human Resource Institute of Alberta entitled – Embracing Conflict in Change Management.  Here is…

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