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Conflict & Thanks

Most people I know would not think about the benefits of conflict or even want to give thanks for it.  Here are some points that may change your mind;

  • The goal is not to end or eliminate conflict, but transform the way it is expressed.  From destructive forms (aggression/bad behaviour) into constructive forms (dialogue/negotiation).
  • Research shows that groups experiencing conflict are more efficient, more innovative, more productive, and more committed to the task at hand.
  • Conflict in relationships is a natural and healthy process required for both parties to change and grow.
  • Conflict increases innovation of individuals and the system – because of greater diversity of viewpoints and a heightened sense of necessity.
  • Conflict increases motivation and energy to apply to required tasks.
  • Conflict can help develop an increased understanding of an individuals’ own position – because the conflict forces them to articulate their views and to bring forth supporting agreements.
  • Conflict brings about opportunities for creative change.
  • Each party may achieve greater awareness of their own identity when in conflict.
  • Moving through a conflict can be an opportunity for personal growth.
  • We learn methods to manage our own internal conflicts.
  • Surviving difficult interpersonal issues builds strength and can increase confidence.
  • Managing conflict is one way to practice the way you communicate with others and thereby increase your communication skills.

Conflict is often avoided and can be a hard thing to face.  I believe there is substantial value in addressing it. Oddly enough, a lot of positive things can come from conflict – so give thanks this week for the conflict in your life!

The Workplace Fairness Institute works to support organizations to be proactive with conflict.

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