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Workplace Fairness Champions

We have established a working group designed to support professionals through facilitated conversation and coaching to design and implement a Workplace Fairness plan.

  • Do you want to foster a culture of fairness in your team or organization by strengthening open dialogue, collaboration, engagement and respect?
  • Are you an HR professional, senior leader, small business owner, team leader or thought leader?
  • Have you found that traditional training courses are not meeting your needs?
  • Do you want to implement a program that will significantly and positively impact your work environment

Join Michelle Phaneuf and Marjorie Munroe, Alberta Co-Directors of the Workplace Fairness Institute, for monthly learning and confidential dialogue with peers from across industries.  Michelle and Marjorie are committed to working with organizations to enhance and foster a culture of fairness.

A new topic will be covered every 3 weeks.

  • Engaging employees
  • Improving working relationships
  • Managing change
  • Exploring workplace respect
  • Strengthening diversity

Workplace Fairness Champions will meet every 3 weeks for 5 breakfast sessions (7:30 –9:30) and 1 afternoon session (1:00-4:00) beginning April 10, 2013.

Through six facilitated sessions, each Workplace Fairness Champion will receive:

  • · An opportunity for creative, innovative and confidential dialogue with peers across industries.
  • Increased knowledge on the principles and benefits of Workplace Fairness (WF).
  • Support and input from peers and facilitators to develop a WF plan, and to be held accountable for its phased implementation after each session.
  • Coaching to overcome obstacles encountered during the WF plan implementation.

Join a working group of lifelong learners committed to holding each other accountable to defining and implementing a customized plan.

Program Details:

 Investment: $695 for six group sessions

  • Program will begin  April 10, 2013
  • Program will be flexible and responsive to your needs


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